openwound4“…the call for “proof” is about as singularly meaningless a demand as one could imagine. Because once one moves out of the purely formal situations where one effectively exercises complete control over “both sides of the equation” (useful premises on the one hand, interesting and appealing conclusions on the other), then matters become genuinely difficult. Mathematics is simple, because proof is at least possible. Physics is only a little harder, but already at this level the notion of proof has become nonsense. Push things just one step further, to the level of ordinary experience, and matters are infinitely worse. Even as triumphalists declare that physics can explain everything, it is demonstrable, on purely logical/semantic grounds, that physics cannot account for even the most basic elements of human experience, such as consciousness, cognition, and value.”

Great post here by Gary Herstein on “proof” and people who demand it.

Art above by John Clang

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