10246138_331686436956694_1524365092_nMy name is Jesse J. Turri and I am a father, designer, web developer and writer living in Williamsport, Pennsylvania. I was born in Danville, PA and moved to the beautiful Pocono Mountains at age 12. After high school I attended the Pennsylvania College of Technology (Penn State) where I earned degrees in Printing and Publishing and Graphic Design.

In my free time I enjoy reading theology, philosophy, poetry and writing short stories for a podcast I co-created called Unfolded.

Design Philosophy

My design philosophy is informed by Bauhaus Theory, Minimalism and Constructivism (among others). For me, design is a creative challenge, and I view it as a process of solving unique communication problems. I try to accomplish this task through a combination of cognitive stimulation and structural coherence. I believe design should be intellectually thoughtful and intuitively comprehensible, so I attempt to blend creative ideas with practical solutions. I believe myself to be a critical thinker, adept at designing strategies that meet and exceed objectives. I have an ample background in graphic, web and UI design, illustration, print production and photography.

I like to barter, and take interesting trades, so I urge you to contact me if you would like something designed.

About My Blog

While the content is certainly a mixture of different subjects, I try to explore the intersections of Art, Design, Philosophy, Spirituality and Theology. With this loose thematic in mind, my blog more or less functions as a whiteboard of sorts, a place to drop anything I may not want to forget, or simply stuff I may find interesting, stimulating or important. I always feature either original art or found art from around the web.