This is an acknowledgment. A recorded recognition of something special that has transpired, written down in an effort to preserve it so that it will never be forgotten.

I want to take a moment to thank my wife Natalie, whom I love with all my being, for a brief moment we spent together in time. This moment may or may not mean to her what it does to me because, well, by all accounts, this moment was not particularly special in the typical sense. But beneath all veneer and preconception, this moment was surely something to behold. It was a special twinkle, a fleeting glimpse that will last for a brief moment in our memories if we’re lucky. However, this event was so ordinary and so mundane that that is precisely why it should be celebrated and remembered. Best of all, this occasion was enjoyed together with us by that one who is the physical manifestation of the union of our hearts, which grew legs and walked away one day, Benjamin.

And now, what follows is an account of that special moment of which I speak:

On Monday evening, April 15, 2013, Benjamin, Natalie and I sat on the floor in the magazine isle of Wegmans Market, read magazines and laughed together.


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