“Art makes sense of the world through a material process – some thing is the end result of the artistic act. Whether a story, a painting, a song, a rock sculpted to create a new form – there are not neat, easily delineated distinctions argued within discreet sections and paragraphs – a process of dissection and analysis. No, colors must be mixed and layered upon a canvas, the strings of the guitar must be struck and pressed, sometimes slapped to draw sounds – loud and quiet, smooth and sharp, from its body. The paradoxes and contrasts are bound up together through the manipulation and relationship to the materials in front of you, their limits and their possibilities, all intended to be received and interpreted by the totality of our senses.”

The above quote comes from theologian Brian Bantum. He wrote it in response to a dialogue between poet Dave Harrity and practical theologian Callid Keefe-Perry who were participating in a Syndicate Symposium which focused on Theopoetics. I highly recommend reading all of the submissions.

Illustration above by Scott Balmer

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