“To put this into the context of a life narrative, my dreams do not belong only to myself but to all of the people and non-human things and processes with which I share this earth. The earth flows through me, and my vision of the world, in turn, reverberates back out into my surroundings. Strictly speaking, there is no “private life,” no pure interiority, any more than there is anything strictly exterior to myself. I am reminded of Hofstadter’s image of the “strange loop”—the Möbius strip of the self, which only appears to have two sides. From this odd but seemingly irrefutable way of looking at the mind and consciousness, I can only view myself as imbricated within processes that occur around me and flow through me. I belong to culture in the same way that the patch belongs to the quilt or the droplet belongs to the stream. And American culture happens to be going through what look like dark times. We don’t have access to the God’s eye view, so we will have to be content with mortals and gods.”

An excerpt above from a great little article here in Psychology Today by David Dillard-Wright titled “Neil Gaiman and Process Philosophy.” I like both Gaiman and Whitehead a great deal so I was a little embarrassed to have not read this piece earlier!

Photograph above by Environmental Artist, Martin Hill

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