I’ve been really busy lately, mostly with being a Dad (as natural as walking on grass!), but Some of the stuff I’ve been doing is design related too. Hopefully I’ll be posting some of that work soon. Speaking of design, I’m even thinking of redesigning this site. So that will be cool.

I’ve also been writing a lot–just not blog posts! My friend Matt Barlow and I are teaming up to do a podcast called Unfolded – Stories that reveal…

The podcast will feature creative written material in the form of short stories, prose, fables, parables, fairy tales, etc…and I am one of the main content creators. Matt, an extremely talented ambient musician, will be producing the show and adding his special blend of sound magic to each episode (Think This American Life mixed with Radiolab and Rob Bell’s Nooma). The show launches Easter Sunday, March 31 and it will be a part of the amazing Homebrewed Christianity Podcast Network, which we’re really stoked about.

Anyway, as always, keep it real out there. Peace.

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