Imagine zooming out to geosynchronous orbit and watching a map of light points rippling like the chromataphores of a cuttlefish as the location of everyone feeling love/thinking about the future/playing jazz pops up, illuminating the cloud-hidden coastlines. Art and Science, both children of Magic, made love and gave birth to Creative Data Visualization, which makes the world while pretending to discover it, immersing us in a new programmable landscape of sensor accumulations. In so doing, we have mutated from the individual persons to whom we were born and linked our filaments, sharing eyes, ears – and soon noses, skin – in a thin gauze of copper over everything. Each of us is at the nexus of innumerable fields, and the human species a grid of photon-emitting nodes, receiving and transmitting vastly more information than passes into the you-don’t-need-to-know-space of conscious awareness. The Moon passes through its phases, the tides rise, and gravity pulls on the rock beneath us – squeezing tectonic plates and creating a cyclical piezoelectric current that modulates human hormone release. Sunspots seem to come and go in time with wars and feel-good music.

The above passage comes from Michael Garfield’s article at the Big Think.

Image above is of Auroville, City of Dawn

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