““The Mother is chasing you,” he said, “and you must surrender to Her…She calls to everyone, and to ignore Her is to ignore the greatest gift you may ever be offered: the passionate embrace of the Mother. She is going to hound you until She has you, and then She is going to strip you of all your ideas and notions until there is nothing left to you but the ecstasy of Her embrace.” — Rabbi Rami Shapiro, quoting Andrew Harvey, from the book The Divine Feminine in Biblical Wisdom Literature

My son wore  to school today a beautiful necklace with a shiny bead on it (a “gem,” as he calls it). His mom gave it to him and It is very special in his eyes. My spouse asked him what he would do if someone told him that it was for girls. He seemed a little puzzled at the question but I instructed him to simply say: “That’s ok, I like girls (and gems!).” Today is a historic day, and I’m very excited, proud, and optimistic about the good prospect of electing our first Woman president, but, simultaneously, sad that it has taken this long. May we continue to be lured by the divine feminine (ruach) toward greater compassion, beauty, love, holiness and away from destructive, oppressive, violent patriarchy.

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